"I sold a stroller on eBay and brought it to the UPS Store in Matawan so it could be shipped to Florida. I walked out of there shocked because they wanted $50 just to box it up! That didn't even include shipping! You guys boxed it AND shipped it for only $61! You guys must be magicians or something!"
- Joey A.

"Your shipping rates are the best! You charged me over $100 less Than the UPS Store for my package overseas. I don't understand how you can ship UPS for less than the UPS Store but I'm glad you can! I'm your customer for life!"
- Wadah H.

"You guys saved me! I took my exercise machine to the UPS Store and they couldn't help me at all! They didn't have a box that would fit and they didn't offer any advice at all. I walked out of there and didn't know what I was going to do. Then I remembered your store and it's a good thing I did. You guys had the whole job done in less than ten minutes and did all the work for me too! You guys are great!"
- Jack B.

"I'm amazed. I bought 15 moving boxes and a roll of tape for over $60 at the UPS Store and that included a 20% discount! After I saw how much lower your prices were, I returned the overpriced stuff to UPS and bought your boxes and tape instead. I saved over $30 shopping your store just that one time. If I didn't walk in to your store I might've wasted hundreds of dollars in moving supplies. I still can't believe how The UPS Store robs their own customers. Thanks for being so fair guys!"
- Ciril P.

"It's a pleasure doing business with you."
- Irwin P.

"I went to that shipping place on Route 520 in Holmdel and can't believe how they ripped me off. I paid over $30 to ship a small package to New York. You wanted half that price for the same job. You guys have my business for life!"
- Jim L.

"You make my life so much easier! I love this place!"
- Renee N.

"Thank you for the first class, reliable service throughout 2003."
- David B.

"Guys you're the best! Those glass display cases made it to California in perfect condition. We're so happy with the service you provide that we're going to tell all our friends to go to Postmark Plus!"
- Linda L.

"I love your store! You guys really care about your customers!"
- Brenda L.

"I don't believe it. You charged me $13 less than Federal Express's own published rate on my FedEx letter to Moscow! I'll save money every time I ship at Postmark Plus!"
- Tiffany L.

"Wow! Your UPS Store competitor is selling the same packing material for 50% more than you are! They ripped me off! I'll never go there again!"
- Neil C.

"I was in a big hurry to ship a critical package to an important customer. Unfortunately, I wasn't anywhere near Postmark Plus so I went to a Mailboxes Etc. in New Brunswick. I paid $8 more for that shipment! I feel like I got robbed. "
- Howard A.

This is the best testimonial of all -- Dave Sabo (AKA Snake) of the world-famous rock group Skid Row was very satisfied with how we packed and shipped his platinum record collection to his home in Los Angeles.

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